Integrative Genomics Portal


The Integrative Genomics Portal (IGP) provides a web based portal to support collaboration through sharing, analyzing, and visualizing data. The IGP has been built to work with RNAi, copy number, gene expression and sample annotation data. The IGP provides user-directed analyses including differential expression, co-expression and Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA).  It has a unique sample browser and sample set creator to simplify set up for differential analyses and can also launch other visualization and analysis tools such as the Broad's Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) and Gene-E.   For data providers the portal includes automated 'wizards' for loading several common data formats and parsing the data for presentation and subsequent analysis. Data on the IGP portal can be shared publicly, within restricted groups, or be kept completely private on a per study or per dataset level allowing fine grained access control.

The IGV is a flexible, high performance desktop application that supports integrated visualization of a wide range of genomic data types including aligned sequence reads, mutations, copy number, RNAi screens, gene expression, methylation, and genomic annotations.   It provides real-time exploration of large, next-generation scale datasets on standard desktop computers, supporting panning and zooming from whole-genome to base-pair.

For questions or more information about the IGP please contact: